Burnout Information

Why do we have Burnout connected to our website?

The world is losing too many healthcare professionals and executives to burnout.  We are passionate about providing resources and support to encourage and enable leaders to be successful, fulfilled and passionate in their life purpose. 

To provide hope that builds resilience.  


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Healthcare on purpose


  • Are you emotionally drained by work?

  • Do you find yourself excessively detached from work or the individuals you work with?

  • Do you feel that you are not accomplishing anything and once you were good at what you did but now you question if you are good at anything?


The questions reflect symptoms of the syndrome called Burnout that causes a range of physical health and psychological problems such as anxiety, insomnia, the inability to remember things and chronic pain like neck pain.  High levels of anxiety and chronic levels of high stress can affect your health leading to illnesses that stop you living your life you were meant to live. Research is becoming clear how passionate and dedicated professionals are leaving their industries and taking their knowledge and specialist expertise with them as they try and reconnect with their purpose and mental well being.


When someone is burnout, they lack the resilience and hope that is needed to keep moving and to adapt to the constantly changing work environment. 

Health Professionals find themselves having to work outside of their value systems and have to work in toxic environments that sap their energy and their passion, leading to a moral injury that can have symptoms similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

If you suspect that you are moving towards burnout or you are in a time of burnout.  There is help available. 

You are not alone. 

We are happy to coach your team to avoid and move beyond burnout.  

We have created retreats and online courses to provide a space of renewal and empowerment for leaders in industries including healthcare, to recharge, reboot and avoid burning out. 

Colleen Davis, Vuselela Davis CEO and lead-coach has been invited to speak on the effects of burnout at webinars, both nationally and internationally and at conferences for Community health, Public Health and the Pedodontic society.  

The following are resources and places that you can find out more information: