Why Vuselela?


Vuslelela is an isiXhosa and an isiZulu word that means Renewal, Reawaken, Rebirth.


The Coaching process is one of renewal, reawakening and rebirth.


Ready to start your journey with us?


Vuselela is a Southern African word that means ‘Renewal’/ ‘Rebirth’. 


When last did you feel joy?  Are there barriers that are stopping you from leading effectively?

What would shift for you if you had someone who created a safe space as you unpacked your fears and anxieties?


Our Vision

We believe that everyone has a purpose and is a gift to the world.  We believe that joy has a place in organizations and leaders are able to create that space, allowing the unique, diverse, human voices in their teams to emerge.  We hold leaders in a safe and challenging space allowing them to move beyond discomfort, work through trauma and lead their teams courageously with compassion.
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Our Logo


What does the logo mean?

When I first started coaching, I drove past a grape vineyard.  The rows of grapes were on a loamy, rocky hillside.  The plants were pruned and trained on frameworks of wire.  The branches that were not needed, were pruned and cut away to ensure the energy of the growing plant is only focused on the bunches of grapes and not on the unnecessary leaves. 

Grapes are so versatile, they can be crushed and fermented to become a great wine, they can be dried to become raisins, or they can just be eaten as fresh, sweet fruit. 

But, if you pick these grapes too soon, before they are ripe and ready, they are sour and useless. 

This reminded me of the coaching process, that often starts with someone who is stuck in a space that is rocky and uncomfortable. The coach comes alongside and challenges the leader to look at any behavior and mindset that needs to be pruned and discarded, these mindsets or behaviors are no longer useful and drain the client’s energy.  Coaches co-create a space for their clients to uncover their authentic self and together work through a question that allows the courage to step into a new place of leadership. Just like a vine trained on a wire frame, grows stronger as it leans on and is established on the frame.

The process of coaching can be challenging, hard and painful.  If the client stops the process before the process is complete, it is useless like a sour, unripened grape. 

I added the vine leaf to the logo because of its symbolism, reminding and encouraging both the coach and the client to keep going even when the process appears to be in a plateau or if it feels too hard.“

 Colleen Davis, CEO Vuselela Davis.