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SEASON 2:  In this new season we provide support for the Human Leader in a time of disruption.  We cannot ignore the impact of COVID-19 on individuals, families and communities.


In this episode, I interview Sean Waters, founder of Stress Less Clinic who gives practical advice for anyone who is finding this time stressful. 

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Celeste Podcast

“Collective intelligence is the ability to harness the power o a group to solve problems or achieve goals that an individual could not accomplish alone.  For me is it a movement from an old school mindset that we have to do it alone, the believe we live in a ‘DIY’ world to move towards a ‘DIT’world’ – Do it Together”.


In this episode, Celeste Blackman, co-founder of The Green Zone and creator of Radical Collaboration for Women, talks about building high-trust and to shift the way we work or collaborate together.  She brings to us the idea that we need fewer self-help resources and more how can we help each other resources. 

A great interview filled with strong ideas that help the human leader navigate the new world we find ourselves in.

Ryan Falkenberg Podcast



The future is here.  This episode was recorded at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic yet it speaks directly into the disruptions we find ourselves in now.  If you would like to re imagine the world of work and leadership, this is the episode to listen to.


Ryan Falkenberg, co-founder and CEO of CLEVVA, an intelligent automation platform, challenges us to make a difference in the world regardless of what others think or say. We should not be afraid of automation but embrace it as a tool for a new future of work we have as yet not seen. 




Martial Arts Woman Podcast




Author and blogger Andrea Harkins shares the wisdom she has learnt from her journey becoming The Martial Arts Woman for leaders. Her mission is to make the world a better place through martial arts and ‘positivity’. She is the author of two inspirational books. The Martial Arts Woman includes stories of human triumph and Martial Art Inspirations For Everyone includes positive anecdotes to help everyone overcome daily obstacles and stay positive. Her blog, The Martial Arts Woman, is martial art and positivity based for all audiences.





Season 2, Episode 3: Building Trust

Without trust you cannot build productive, effective teams. In this short podcast, Colleen Davis discusses this important topic that every leader needs to hear.


The Human Leader – rebuild trust