A good coach holds you in a safe space as you explore new avenues of becoming.

Are you ready for this journey?

What we offer:

Leadership is a skill to be learnt

With the support of a Coach, your journey as a leader becomes richer, fuller with greater success


Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching moves a person or a group into a new mindset. By enhancing self-awareness, emotional cognizance, increased clarity and confidence in their ability to own their executive voice and be comfortable in their unique executive presence.

On-line Courses

Our online courses are designed to be used at any time on your leadership journey. From mini-courses that you can reflect on and complete in a few hours, to full courses that enhance your understanding and knowledge of what leadership is an why human based leadership is important for success.


We have webinars that address regenerative leadership, human-based leadership, leadership development and support.


Colleen Davis is an accomplished, dynamic speaker. She speaks wisdom, truth and encouragement to her audience. After hearing her, people often feel energized happier and more focused. Contact her to speak to your team or in your conference,

Human Based Leadership

Colleen Davis from Vuselela Davis and Kim Hires from The Nightingale Firm have collaborated to create a unique framework related to The Human Leader, working with leaders to see themselves as human as well as developing their ability to lead human beings within their team and build relationships across global communities.


Vuselela Davis coordinates different events to support leaders: