To Be Human

A tongue-in-cheek, serious look at what it means to be human…

If you consider yourself a leader but have not built relationships and bonds with your fellow human beings within the group to guide, motivate, encourage and protect them, then you are not a leader, just a manager of resources.

In the past 20 years a lot of research has been done to find out what makes a human, human and how to optimize their capacity to work, love and live.

Here are some of the findings thus far:

– Human beings are unique, messy, creative, intuitive beings who are influenced by biological, environmental and spiritual factors.

– Human Beings have chemical reactions that influence their responses, behavior and emotions.

– Human Beings make decisions based on emotions and use their logic /rational brain to convince themselves that they have made the right choice.

– Human Beings constantly experience emotions, they are unable to not have emotions and these affects their behavior and outlook in life.

– Human Beings experience Confirmation Bias, enabling  the scanning for and finding of external signals, confirming that their decision is correct, even if they are wrong.

– Human Beings are designed to live in, bond with, build and work together within communities of other Human Beings.

– Human Beings are not designed to live in a state of constant stress that upsets their biological and chemical equilibrium, but they do, resulting in mental and physical chronic illness.

– Human Beings flourish in spaces where they feel wanted, needed, liked and are safe.  In this environment they bond with other human beings, come up with awesome ideas, express loyalty to the group and can work efficiently.

– Human Beings die a little every day when they are verbally attacked, chastised unfairly, humiliated, criticized, abandoned and isolated.

– Human Beings are not and never will be Artificial Intelligence, it is currently only in the realm of Science Fiction that Artificial Intelligence can become Human Beings.

What environment are you creating for your Human Beings?

A psychologically safe place to thrive and flourish in? Or a stifling, sterile, standardized environment that is designed for Artificial Intelligence to thrive in, not biological intelligence?